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TUESDAY, April 14, 2020 



Our next meeting will be on September 08, 2020.  The board has decided to delay the club's annual meeting until then.  We will have confirmation vote for the club's new officers and directors, approving the BCSC updated By-Laws, the annual trip attendee raffle, and the 2021 slate of ski trips.  


The board has been diligently working to update /modernize the club's by-laws and duties of the various executive positions.   Our current by-laws state that we need publish the changes prior to the annual meeting.  We have created a new page in the web-site called "Proposed By-Laws".  (Yeh, I know -- Captain Obvious already complained).  Please take time to read through them -  you may find that you would want to join the board and help keep the club alive. [Click here for more information]

Finally, the Winter Park Spring ski trip was cancelled when WIP shut down for the year on March 15, 2020.  The trip chairs are handling all of the cancellation details.  

Miller’s Time Out is located at 13260 S. Helmer Rd (at the corner of I-94 & Helmer in Battle Creek).

The Battle Creek Ski Club's April Newsletter is now available.

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