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Winter Park Trip Application 2017


Reservations will only be accepted for currently paid members


Submit this form completely filled out and your deposit (payable to Battle Creek Ski Club) to:

Steve Terranella, 1616 Academy St., Kalamazoo, MI  49006

Please complete one form per billing group. (family, couple, group etc)

Please print your E-mail address clearly. All communication is done via e-mail!

Ages are required for Amtrak ticketing. Do not leave them or anything else blank.


contact phone: _________________________________  

e-mail(required):  ____________________________________  

complete address_____________________________________________________________________


Age as of trip dates:

Name: ____________________________________    Age:________________ 

Spouse:  __________________________________     Age:________________    

Child: ____________________________________     Age:________________ 

Child: ____________________________________     Age:________________   

Child: ____________________________________     Age:________________ 

Child:  ____________________________________    Age:________________ 

Condo Preference




Anything OK & help me find condo mates

Condo mate preference ____________________________                                     _____________________________

I want a Sleeper Car (economy) YES (add $680)                                                                       cost: ________

Names of those in sleeper (2 max.)_____________________________________


Locker:    $ TBD 12/15 Estimate $70   NO ______ Yes _________#________locker(s)                cost: ________


No Deductions 

no lift: ____________________________ -$170 adult                                                              cost:  ________

no rail:____________________________  -$410 adult                                                             cost: _________

                                                                                                                                 Total cost: _______

Club Dues were paid which month ______  (must be after 5/15)


______(initial) Have read fine print: payment schedue, cancellation, condo notes on trip flyer - fine print: payment schedule, cancellation, condo notes on trip flyer.


Notes/Special Instructions:   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________            


9/8 ______/ CK #______                       12/9 ______/ CK #______   

1/12 ______/ CK #______                       2/9 ______/ CK #______                 

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