The Presidents Corner

April 2022

Hello again fellow ski clubbers and boarders,

Where do I start??? There are so many things to talk about.  So many fun adventures were had by quite a few of you this last ski season!  What was your favorite outing, or memory, of the trip?    I’m sure we could have quite the stories around the table.  We all need to be thankful for the trip chairs who volunteered to research options, organize details, make numerous confirmation calls and other discussions with providers, and bring reasonably priced trips to our members.  Thanks also to external VP Michel Mollard who oversaw the trip chairs.   We have started the ball rolling for next years offerings at a recent trip committee meeting.  We are always looking for people to become involved in trip planning and development. 

I was able to travel to Winter Park this year on the train trp.  We had quite the fun group of new members and teenagers who had never experienced “out west’ skiing.  It was fun to listen to their experiences.  Norah Lyons, who had only skied at Swiss Valley, took several lessons and had advanced several levels over the days.  She had a big smile on her face all week.  Then there was Martina, an exchange student from Milan, Italy.  Who made the trip with her host, Tona Ambrosen, (who’s arm was in a sling from a ski injury).  This was her first time in the Rockies, and already being a good skier, she had a great time as well.  Many thanks to trip chair Deborah Harsha, and assistant Steve Terranella for the organization talents they put together for this trip.  Even though Deborah took a spill early in the week, which put her out of skiing with her sons the rest of the week, she fought through the discomfort,(!!!) to still attend evening functions, send out communications to attendees, organize the pizza party, (what a feast!) and some exploring the town with Tona.

At the April General Membership Meeting, yearly elections of your ski club board were held.   We welcome Tim Chupka as a new board member, as a director.  Also, Bill Cole reupped for another 3-year term as director. We will be updating the board directory in the June newsletter.   Special thanks to Arleigh Smyrnios who has been on the Board for several years,  and has worked in several capacities, lastly as club Secretary, helping  by taking notes at board meetings has decided to step down.  She will be missed.  Thanks again Arleigh for your work.

We also had the Raffle for the Club sponsored overnight trip at the meeting.  Again ……as last year, the first ticket drawn,.. the person was in attendance!  Congrats to Kathy Rubino who walked out with a big smile on her face! 

We have a nice selection of opportunities available to get together this summer. 


Joe Dill and Michele Mollard have put together some fun times in the outdoors.  Make sure you check out the dates and times elsewhere in this newsletter, or online at the Clubs website.  Please note that some activities will have limited availability, and reservation need to be made in advance, so make sure you get your name on the list ASAP if interested.

So, ….with all that being said, I’m sure I forgot something, but moving forward.  I hope to see your smiling faces at some of the activities we’ve planned during the hectic summer months that are approaching.  Stay safe, have fun, enjoy your families and friends!


Ski Ya!

Gerry Tillmam

BCSC President