The President's Corner Decomeber 2022

Greeting fellow ski clubbers,

December,… quite a busy month, with people making plans for the Holidays, and this upcoming season of enjoying the winter weather we will soon be experiencing.  Nubs Nob, I’m told, has their ‘snow farmers” ready and hope to start making snow any day now!

Many thanks to our November guest speaker Dr. Stacy Majoras.  A specialist in sports medicine, with a degree in sports training.  She is also team physician for WMU Hockey, Kalamazoo Wings Hockey Club, and various local high schools.  She works for Bronson Sports Medicine. Her presentation was quite interesting and varied in related topics, with many good follow up questions from the evening attendees.

As I’m sitting down to write this, the word snow is being used in the local weather forecast!  Yes, soon we will be able to get on some long, flexible, speedy devices and accelerate downhill with big smiles on our faces!

December’s meeting should be a lot of fun.  We are trying something new this year, and we are having a BCSC December SWAP MEET!  Bring your in, good condition, ski gear and accessories, clothes, etc., and see what you can trade for.  Reminder, this is not an auction event.  Our club auction has been moved to March.  Each member will be able to see what others are willing to part with and make their own deals.  Could be free….could be a modest price.  You decide.  We will also want to hear your fun,or terrifying, or interesting ski related story you‘ve experienced, and would like to relive with us.  Do you have a fun one to share? Bring it to the December General meeting!

Word has it that the Grand Rapids Ski Club is not running any bus trips this year.  So, we will also be opening our coach seats to them.  The early bird gets the seats!  So, If you want to go on these fun Saturday trips to the north country, and not have to drive yourself, and get pizza on the return, let Michele Mollard know now!  Remember you can also bring friends.  You do not need to be a member to ride! 

Everyone has a favorite time of the year.  It sure is difficult living in Michigan to decide which one is the best with what we have presented yearly.  For many its early winter, when the snow stops messing around and begins in earnest.  The season is fresh, the opportunities endless.  Like Christmas morning every time I look up into the sky and see the flakes fall.  For some, Santa might deliver that never to be forgotten first pair of skis or snowboard.  Then its official,…You’re a skier or snowboarder.  What better way to get outside than to get signed up for one or several of the numerous trip we are presenting this season. 

Happy Holidays All, 

Gerry Tillmann – Your President