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Program for Special Skiers and Snowboarders

The Program for Special Skiers and Snowboarders is a local volunteer based program that teaches both adults and children with physical ailments to ski safely with and/or without adapted equipment along with their families. Participants have either a permanent or temporary diagnosis. They overcome and gain strides in developing proper coping mechanisms while learning to ski and snowboard. This program will be celebrating its 50th year soon and because this is a volunteered based program it is pivotal in having enough volunteers to run safely and effectively in this community of skiers.


Check out the Program for Special Skiers and Snowboarders on Facebook or

I have ski dates and on the hill training date!! More exciting news, because the board members  feel comfortable with our volunteers this year, we were able to add the veteran component back to this ski season!!!  

When I was last at one of your meetings, I had a couple of questions specifically interested in the ski dates to see if worked with her schedule (long, beautiful, thick Curley hair) would you be able to pass this information along and give her my contact information?

Dianna Iiams

227 Union St.

Grand Ledge, MI 48837

(517) 290-7587-Cell

E-Mail: or



Additional info below about the program and locations.

Dear P.S.S. Volunteer and Skiers:


Welcome to all our new people and returning P.S.S. skier’s and volunteers.  I hope you are all ready for a great ski season.   Welcome back board member Andrew Kaylor and volunteer Matt Beaver.      


This year we will be staying at AmericInn motel in Petoskey for our annual Nub’s Nob ski weekend.   You’re going to want to start some fund raisers such as our Ski-A-Thon or you may also want to so some of your own private fund raising to help with your cost for the weekend. Our weekend this year is scheduled for March 3, 4 & 5.  More news to follow on that note.


P.S.S. needs volunteers DESPERATELY as we lost severalvolunteers this last year.  We need people who are willing to work the sleds and work with BLIND skiers and of course volunteers in general, so I am asking, please look around at people you know or people they know and let’s see if we can keep the skiers safe on the hills.  So, if you know of someone interested please send him or her our way. 


Now for the information you all have been waiting for. 

SKI DATES for 2023 TIMBER RIDGE, GOBLES (west of Kalamazoo)

DateHill Time

Sunday January 15, 202310:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Sunday January 29, 202310:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Sunday February 12, 202310:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Sunday February 26, 202310:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Please plan to arrive 30 minutes before hill time, which of course would be 10:00 a.m. so we can get everyone on the hill by 10:30 a.m. We meet in the CAFETERIA.

PLEASE, PLEASE when you contact Dianna or any of the board members to let them know if you are skiing on a ski date, leave your full name.  We need to have a count for Timber Ridge also, that way we can start putting skiers and volunteers togetherearly. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT; LEAVE YOUR FULL NAME WITH A YES OR NO.  E-mail’s will be sent out to everyone as a reminder of our upcoming ski date.  You may check our Facebook page and leave messages as well., You may call any of the board members.  You may also e-mail or, you may also text me. Please do this early enough, the day before or early the day we ski, as I drive a long way, so I am out the door at 8:00 a.m. You may also text me or call me at (517) 290-7587, be sure to give me your name as it may not come up on my cell since I do not have most of you in my contacts. If for any reason we must cancel I will email everyone the night before so always check your email

and it will also be listed on our Facebook page.  There is no way to call each of you if we must cancel.



You will receive your ski equipment (kids) the first day we ski.  You are responsible for your equipment for the rest of the ski season.  Remember to clean and dry skis and boots between uses.  It is important to buckle your boots when not in use.



Dress in layers for warmth and comfort.  It’s always easier to take off extra clothing than not have enough on when it’s cold.  Next to your skin should be a light layer of clothing that does not absorb moisture.  All cotton is not the best, as it absorbs and holds moisture.  Put anywhere from one to three more layers on top of this according to how cold it is that day.  Be sure the outer layer is a waterproof or water-resistant material.  PLEASE DO NOT WEAR JEANS.  They usually do not pull above the boots, and when they get cold or wet-so do you.  Be sure socks go almost to your knees and you have no wrinkles in them when putting on your boots.  Remember to take extra dry socks and gloves, as we are not able to dry your wet ones and do not always carry extras.






Dear Ski Volunteer's and instructors:


On Hill training for P.S.S. is scheduled for


            DATE:  Sunday, January 8, 2023

            PLACE:  Timber Ridge, this will be held upstairs at Timber Ridge

            TIME:  10:00 am


I hope everyone is gearing up for an exciting ski season.  To ensure the safety of our skier and volunteers we will be holding our on-hilltraining at Timber Ridge on January 8, 2023.  It is important for ALL volunteers, new, and returning to attend this session. Please try and be there at 10:00 a.m. so we can get started go over equipment and get out on the hills for some quality training time.


Please bring your own ski gear and a lunch.  Lunches can be purchased at the lodge if so desired.  Our session will consist of off hill training and on-hill training and observation so please dress for both situations.


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE spread the word about our program to anyone interested in being a volunteer for our program as we DESPERATELY need more volunteers for the safety of our skiers.  We lost several volunteers, however, we did gain 2 returning volunteers. As we all know life gets in the way and people move on!!!!  The more the merrier (and safer).  


Please contact Dianna Iiams cell: (517) 290-7587, Marlise DeShane (269) 629-5482, Donna Apostol (989) 224-8010, Zane Swagart (616) 262-9944, or Krista Asher (269) 501-7680 or Andrew Kaylor (269) 329-9953 (WELCOME BACK ANDREW) to let us know if you will be attending.  We need to inform Timber Ridge the number of people attending our training.  Messages can be left with your full name and a YES or a NO, or you may text or e-mail me at You may also check our Facebook page as well.  I will send out a reminder to every one as the training date gets closer.


THANK YOU to everyone willing to volunteer your time for our skiers.  You are appreciated more than words can express.  Here is to a GREAT 2023 ski season and remember to think snow.




Timber Ridge PH# 800-253-2928

Dianna Iiams, cell (517) 290-7587

Zane Swagart (616) 262-9944

Marlise DeShane (269) 629-5482

Donna Apostol (989) 224-8010 (OUT FOR THE 2022 SEASON)

Andrew Kaylor (269) 329-9953

Krista Asher (269) 501-7680

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