Nub's Nob Mid-Week Ski trip Recap

Jan. 31-Feb. 4, 2022

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It is always fun,… when back in October,…. the ski trip committee and Board members are working to finalize dates for the upcoming season of skiing adventures for club members.  Trips always come with unknown variables which is interesting.  We never know what the weather will be when plans are made.  At last month’s Jan 31 – Feb 4th  Nubs Nob midweek ski adventure, 14 attendees for the week, plus a few others who drove up for a day, observed, every day was an adventure in changing conditions.  It’s simply amazing how many runs you are able to take,.. never having to wait in a lift line,. as was the case all week!

Monday… was a great day for travel to the north country of Petosky – Harbor Springs area.  There was a good amount of sunshine in the air.  There were a couple of members, who had arrived earlier in the day, who managed to take a few runs on the slopes prior to check in time.  Then, late afternoon, attendees gathered for a short welcome meet and greet mixer with a variety of “goodies” to partake of and consume.

Tuesday… was a breezy day, with high clouds, and filtered sunlight.  While riding the chair lifts, Glenn Kowalski and I were trying to estimate how fast the high clouds were being whipped at tremendous speeds. More sunshine in the afternoon made for some very enjoyable skiing. The weather had warmed up into the 30’s and the snow was fast! 

Larry Potter was our crash victim this week.  Later in the morning, Larry was taking a great run, and met the god of gravity,… up close.  After a visit to the Petosky hospital, and running several internal tests, Thankfully, was determined that he had no major injuries, but his body had been contorted in ways that he didn’t like, and wished it hadn’t!  It was good to see Larry walking the next night into the restaurant. 

Wednesday… we were greeted with plunging temps, some of the slopes, that had been groomed during the night, had turned to icy conditions on some runs.  With so few skiers during the week, it took a while for the conditions to change.  It was determined that skiing the front slopes, versus the pintail peak area, where the snow conditions were different.   Later, we gathered for an evening where we devoured five “extra-large’ pizzas.  I’m sure no one left hungry! 

Thursday… Wow!!... BRRRR, It was a brisk single digit morning and several attendees got a later start. The slopes had been reconditioned and the runs were groomed fast, without the iciness from the day before!  The sun was out late morning into the afternoon, and we were realizing that our Nubs Nob Adventure was coming to an end. We assembled again for dinner at a local pub where there was some terrific food… (unless you wanted prime rib)!  There were great stories to be shared of adventures from the past week.  Several attendees were lucky winners in the mystery prize giveaway.

Friday Morning……  BRRRR, BRRRR,BRRRR,.. get those cars started and warmed up while you’re packing for the trip home.  It’s 5 BELOW ZERO outside!!. A good day to travel, since the sky is clear.  Thanks to all of those who attended this year.  Hope you can join us again next year!


Gerry Tillmann – BCSC Nubs Trip Chair