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We will be staying Friday and Saturday night at Crooked River Resort in Alanson, MI. The lodge has a hot tub and indoor heated pool.  Enjoy a beautiful area with free snowshoes and x-country skis to use on their many trails on site. They also had a beautiful outside fire pit. Snowmobiling trail access right off their property.


Lodging Costs: The cost is $330.00 for the room for the two nights.  This would be $165/person for teh weekend based on double occupancy. A signle person occpancy would be $330.00.  


Lift tickets - once you have paid for the hotel, the trip coordinator gets notified or same.  the trip coordinator will send paid trip goers the link to purchase discounted Boyne lift tickets.  This is 10% off Boyne online multi-day costs ticket pricing.   Then one can choose to ski the "Mountain" or the "Highlands".

Boyne weekend - 2023

  • After December 20st, there are no refunds.  The only way for a refund to be issued is to find a replacement.  That replacement must stay/lodge with the roommates you selected to room with during this trip.