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Proposed Club's By-Laws.

The club is allowed to make tentative updates and changes through out the fiscal year. But, the changes can only go into effect after being published and then presented at the annual general meeting normally held in April of each year.  The club's paid members present at the annual general meeting will  approve or not approve the changes with a simple majority of the votes casted .  


Special thank you note to all of the board members attending the meetings, for the lively discussions, reviewing and making suggestions.   And a special thanks to Michele Mollard for moderating the meetings, compiling the changes/ suggestions and the like.


The following 8 pages are the proposed new by-laws for the club.

BCSC 2020 bylaws page01.jpg
BCSC 2020 bylaws page02.jpg
BCSC 2020 bylaws page03.jpg
BCSC 2020 bylaws page04.jpg
BCSC 2020 bylaws page05.jpg
BCSC 2020 bylaws page06.jpg
BCSC 2020 bylaws page07.jpg
BCSC 2020 bylaws page08.jpg
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