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How did the inventor of the Go-Pro camera system raise the money for the start-up?

  1. Sea shell jewelry sales

  2. Giving surfing lessons

  3. Mowing cemetery lawns

  4. Tutoring school kid math


A.  Sea shell jewelry sales - Nick woodman sold jewelry out of his van

Link to learn more = GoPro founder went from selling shells to CEO of billion-dollar company (


Who might transmogrify someone?

A. A fairy godmother

B. A dragon

C. An evil stepmother

D. A prince


A. A fairy godmother   - definition = Transform in a surprising or magical manner.

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Who invented the sport of water skiing?

A. Pineapple farmer in Hawaii

B. Retired Ship builder in Spain

C. Teenagers in Minnesota

D.  Snow skiers from Colorado


C. Teenagers in Minnesota - Ralph Samuelson

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What does having a chinwag mean?

A. Having a laugh

B. Having a snack

C. Having a second chance

D. Having a chat


D. Having a chat

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Which web browser was the first to use “cookies”?

A. Internet Explorer

B. Netscape

C. Lynx

D. Safari


B. Netscape

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What profession is a paladin?

A. Barista

B. Knight

C. Potter

D. Athlete


B. Knight

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