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Welcome to the Battle Creek
Ski Club - 2023-2024

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November 21, 2023

Time for the ski season to start -Think Snow - I am (WIP ski rescue dog).

December's Prez-corner link.

December's "As a side Note"   

New ticket structure for Boyne Mountain and Highlands for 2023-2024 

Notice to all Boyne Mountain and Highlands skiers

Note to all - December General membership meeting!  Yes, once again we are having a prestidigitator come and entertain our group. Rick Fisher, from Fab Magic Co. in Vicksburg, will be conjuring magic tricks, perform illusions, sleight of hand movements and secrets, to amuse and entertain. All are welcome.

Boyne ski company has changed its policies about using a single day or multi-day pass to ski both locations the same day.  Now you will have to buy two separate tickets or purchase the Lake eFlex Pass Option. 


The following was copied from the Boyne Mountain web site.

Are lift tickets interchangeable between The Highlands & Boyne Mountain Resorts?
No. Starting this year (2023/24 season), lift tickets, including all single and multi-day tickets, are valid at Boyne Mountain Resort or Boyne Highlands only.  If you are looking to ski both Boyne Mountain and The Highlands at Harbor Springs, shop our
Lake eFlex Pass options.

We have included a link to takes you to the Boyne Store ticket and passes page for your convenience.

Note of interest - The club's meeting will be held at Miller's Time Out in October, November, and December 2023.   The new meeting place will be the Travelers Cafe and Pub in Portage Mi for January, February, March, and April 2024.  It is located on Portage Road just south of I-94 near the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport, 5225 Portage Rd, Portage, MI 49002. Phone -(269) 775-1775    web site -


We have included a couple of links for the new 2023 ski gear on the new "Additional pages tab / Ski related web sites and info page" for all of you looking for new skis and other ski stuff.   Please forward any ski related web sites for consideration to be include on this page to Joe Dill (

Check out the two new links on the "Ski related web sites and info" page - backcountry skiing and shipping Skis.

The club has been in contact with Bronson Children's Hospital checking on their inexpensive ski helmets.  They are taking a new approach to this program.  Check it out by clinking on the following page link - "Ski helmet info"

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