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From: Safe Kids Kalamazoo <>
Date: November 3, 2022 at 2:23:59 PM EDT

Hi there,

Hopefully this email reaches you, we spoke on the phone earlier today about ski helmets. Feel free to give this email address to any families that would like to inquire about helmets. I’ve included some helmet fitting tips and instructions for measuring if they are ordering from somewhere online. The sizes indicated are for the helmets we currently carry, and our new vendor sizing may be different.


These are 3 helmets in the $30-40 range available if parents would like to purchase on their own.


Helmet Sizing

Wrap the measuring tape around the head just above eyebrows, try to make sure the tape is as straight as possible around the head. Note the number at the point of overlap, this is the helmet size.

Our Top Gear helmet size range for winter helmets is as follows:

  • XS – 18.89-20.47”

  • S – 20.47-21.65”

  • M – 21.65-22.83” – out of stock

  • L – 22.83-24.01”

  • XL – 23.28-25.19”


Winter Helmet Fitting Tips

  • Here are some important things to remember about fit for winter helmets!

  • Helmet should sit 1-2 fingers above eyebrows and padding should sit flush against the forehead and cheeks.

  • Wearing thick hats or headbands under your helmet can prevent the helmet from staying on your head during impact – opt for something thin like a balaclava that won’t interfere with fit.

  • The back of your helmet should not touch the nape of your neck. Use the dial at the back of the helmet to adjust snugness.

  • With the chin strap fastened the helmet should be snug and comfortable. Try to shake or roll the helmet off your head, the helmet should not move front to back or side to side. If the skin on your forehead moves when doing this, you have a good fit.


Emma Youngs, CPST-I

Childhood Injury Prevention Coordinator

Safe Kids Kalamazoo County Coordinator

Bronson Children’s Hospital

601 John St. | Kalamazoo, MI 49007

269.341.6508 | F 269.341.7527


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