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We are working with a local sportware company to offer selcted items of clothing with the club art work.  The items are:

Item 1 - 100% short sleeve tee’s @$14.00
Item 2 - 100% long sleeve tee’s @ $18.00
Item 3 - Dri-Fit short sleeve tee’s @20.00
Item 4 - Dri-Fit long sleeve tee’s @21.00
Item 5 - Dri Fit Lady’s V-neck Short sleeve tee @20.00
Item 6 - 9 oz Crew neck Sweatshirt @20.00
Item 7 – 9 oz Pullover Hoodie Sweat Shirt  @27.00

There is an additional $2.00 charge for 2XL to 4XL sizes for items 1,2,6 and 7
There is an additional $2.00 charge for the tall lenghts for items 1,2,6 and 7.

Example -- a 3XL tall length sweatshirt with be an additonal $4.00

Please keep in mind that Logo color cannot be changed.  But, the clothing can be ordered in different colors.  We are recommending darker colors to contrast with the logo artwork, like black, dark red, steel grey, dark blue, hunter green.  

Please contact Leon Brantman if you are interested in ordering the BCSC Sportswear.
Leon will be at the general meetings, by phone at 269-569-4140 or email @ to take your order.  

Please make checks payable to BCSC.  Payment is due at the time of the order.



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